FOXY Choice runs the FOXY Lady Approved female friendly garage, accident repairer and car dealer networks across the UK. They identify, approve, promote and monitor the best and female friendly garages, dealerships, fast fits, accident repair centres, used car dealers and mobile services across the UK.

Being professional and fussy shoppers by nature (and proud of it) women drivers know what they want and if they don’t get what they want they tell others and keep looking!  They like to do their homework in advance and expect to be treated with respect when they buy a new car and garage services like car servicing or accident repairs.

All businesses that are part of the FOXY Lady Approved female friendly garage, repairer and car dealer networks have signed the FOXY Lady Promise (to never knowingly overcharge, patronise or sell women anything they don’t need). Foxy Lady then highlight leading quality initiatives; whether Garages are listed at the IMI Professional Register, hold a BSI Kitemark license or if they are part of a scheme that operates to Trading Standards Institute approved code standards, like Bosch Car Service, VBRA and Motor Codes.

The Female Business Ambassador network allows Foxy Lady to identify female employees to customers who might prefer to speak to a woman. As they see it, any motor business that employs women (only 20% of the retail motor industry workforce is female…) stands a better chance of understanding what women want and expect, than a Garage that thinks women should be happy with the same service levels as men. As if!


Award winning FOXY Lady Drivers Club is the UK’s only everyday motoring club for women. Their services empower women drivers to run safer cars, to save money wisely and to know which garages, car dealers and motoring offers they can really trust.

They are a ‘not for profit’ limited by guarantee company; this means no shares, no shareholders and no staff salaries.

They charge a low cost annual subscription and membership benefits include:

+ Preferential insurance rates for members
+ A new car buying discount and advisory scheme
+ A UK network of female friendly approved garages, repairers and car dealers
+ Exclusive moneysaving offers
+ A friendly motoring helpdesk for jargon-free practical advice
+ FOXY Review – a monthly e-newsletter with advice, information, car reviews and feedback